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doushiyou's Journal

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Welcome to Doushiyou icons.

I make more than I can use and post less than I make.
Yes I take requests.
Unanswered questions? F.A.Q.

Rules :
There are a couple rules I ask you follow in using my icons.
#1 : Comment.
I love comments. Really. Even if you don't take any, just a little note saying which one you liked would be nifty.
#2 : Credit.
If you take an icon you must credit. This now includes bases as well as finished icons.
Just a little note in the post saying you used my bases. Not to much to ask I think.
Hotlinking is directly linking to an image, rather than saving it to your own webspace. This uses up bandwith and is not polite. Please don't do it.
#4 : Don't alter the finished icon.
If there's something you'd like changed just ask. I'm sure I can accommodate.
This does not apply to bases or textless icons.

Affiliates :

mtrlgicons + foxglove_icons + pixelbunny + pixelminx + minaudiere + tia_icons + suggestively + buri_chi

Picture credit :

Ai Kago : AiLand
Ayumi Hamasaki : Ayumi-Hamasaki.org
Lost : Lost-Media.com & crumblingwalls
Stargate SG-1 : JackslashDaniel.com 7.21 + 7.22 oxoniensis
Stargate Atlantis : 1.01 + 1.02 1.04 1.05 1.07 + 1.08 oxoniensis
Wild Adapter/Araiso/Saiyuki/Other Minekura works : paperCUT, The Anime Project Alliance Gallery
YUKI images : PunkGirl

Brushes + Textures :
dearest Michmellow _diversion ___candyrain icon_maiden trxgedy, unobstructed, purebloodicons, ladybanteerin, firithel_icons, _joni, colorfilter, dead_garden, iroka, juuichi, lily_sunshine, lostluck_icons, scarsonchest, sornaisla, uglypricetag, unmasked_icons, vodkaandirony, colortone, _dysfunction, ashke_icons, dieaku, dekolette, graphicquandary, immodica, on_thin_air, alaskanicons, sweet100x100, kidviciouschick, hydrogen, wonderland, poeticmilk, cuntularicons, bombayicons, orchidicons, Black-Glitter @DA, malstir @DAMurasaki-no-Ryuu @DA

Awards :

prdarkstar uses other people's icons without credit. I guess when you're too lame and talentless to make your own you have to do things like that. Lollercopters.
I'm flattered, really. :D